The Board of Management of Tynock NS manages the school on behalf of the patron and is accountable to the patron and the Minister.

The principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, including guidance and direction of the teachers and other staff of the school, and is accountable for that management.

The Board has a child-centred approach to all of its work and has regard to the efficient use of resources (particularly the grants provided by the State), the public interest in the affairs of the school and accountability to students, parents and the community. The Board also upholds the characteristic spirit (ethos) of the school and is accountable to the patron for so doing.

The current board members are:

  • Nigel Byrne
  • Marie King
  • Jenny Barry
  • David Fraser
  • Josie Duffy
  • Eoin Burke
  • Dawn Keogh
  • Aisling Grace